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What Happened To Atlantic 252?
Atlantic 252 closed down in December 2001 after the parent company sold the station to sports station TEAMTALK.

So what can I hear on 252 now?
Teamtalk lasted 6 months before the owners pulled the plug (can anyone clarify the fate of Teamtalk 252 for me?). If you tune into 252 Longwave now you'll hear Irish State Broadcaster RTE's "Radio One" service. You can find out more

Will Atlantic 252 ever come back
Highly unlikely.

Are you campaigning for it's return
Whilst it would be nice, we realise the commercial realities of running a radio station would not make it financially viable for Atlantic 252 to return. Instead we aim to provide a platform for you to remember the best bits of Atlantic 252.

So What Can I Listen to instead?
Whilst not a replacement for Atlantic, 4 ex-252 staff set up
Passion Radio in September 2000. Nearly five years later, Passion is still playing out the dance hits including a 128k mp3 stream for those of you with broadband - and watch out for the station launching on digital radio platforms very soon!

I'm looking to work in radio, can I forward you my CV?
We've received a number of emails from people wanting to work for Atlantic 252. We are just a tribute site, and not a radio station. If you're looking for work within radio, why not check out
Media Uk's Jobs Forum which is the best source for finding radio vacancies.

Where can I hear former Atlantic 252 presenters on air now?
Click here for a constantly updating list of where former Atlantic 252 presenters are now working.

I'd like to submit my details for the staff database?
If you used to work for Atlantic 252, please do get in
Contact with us so we can add you to the database of those who were part of the biggest commercial radio station in the UK.

I have another question that's not answered by this FAQ?
Feel free to
Contact us.

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