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Hi there, I used to Atlantic back in the mid 90s. I was listening one night on the request show when an agitated young man came on demanding that the DJ play Tomorrow by James as quick as he can. The DJ tried to chat a bit but the guy begged him to play it immediately. The guy said that his friend was about to die shortly of a terminal disease and this had been the one song that had kept him going. The dying guy apparently wanted to hear it one more time before he died. Im convinced it was all genuine but id be intrigued to know if there is any more info on this incident. It has stuck in my mind for a long time.

Regards, Jon Middleton

Can anyone help?

My real name is John, but listeners would know me as Cousin Brucie. After leaving Atlantic I went back to Australia. Now working as tv presenter in Oz. What a spin out coming across this site. Cheers.

Thanks John, we've updated you in the "Where are they now" page

I loved listening to atlantic 252 and i remember the summer that when they played four certain songs in a row you had to call in, be the 252nd caller, give the phrase that pays and you won a loada cash. But i cannot remember all the songs and was wondering if any of you guys remembered them??? I know one was mike and the mechanics, lookin back and two princes. The other could possibly be Ace of Base all that she wants but i'm not sure. If anyone can remember could you e mail is causing a lot of arguments in this house!

Atlantic 252 got me into music at jus 6 years old, i fell in love with the station and i got more into music and now i DJ in a popular local club, i can still remember messin round with my loop aerial to pick up the station, ive got afew recordings of A252, am sure the station is well missed, least it is with me n my mates, they all remember it, it always will be better than the crap thats on 252 now, bring it back!!!

matt finlay used to have a competition on the afternoon show called ' choke the chicken'. Do you remember it?
G Pickering

i used to listern to atlantic252 about 10 years ago and they was a song that i used to listen to i think it was called forgive and forget or forget and forgive i cant remember properly but please could you let me know the right song and who sung it please, thanks karen.

Hi there my name is aaron i am 23 years old and i would like to know how many watts did atlantic 252 use

500kilowatts during the day and 100kw at night. For more information on the transmitter, check out this page here.

Where was it broadcast from? From the phone number they had I worked out it could be Navan, Ireland. Am I right?

Close! THe station was based in Mornington House, in Trim, County Meath. Just down the road from Navan. The original phone number was (as dialled from the UK) 00 353 463 66 77 - later with the introduction of a new link between the London and Ireland sites, a national UK number was also added which I think was 0870 400 40 40 (but despite announcing it every day, I've now forgotten it!)

That bloody place was haunted! So many times i felt someone walk in and stand behind me. But there was no one there!!!!! Spooky! - Harvey Lee

The top floor where the lockers were, (in between the racks room and finance office) certainly had a strange vibe. Can anyone remember the history of the building? I think it was a doctors surgery before?

I have fond memories of Atlantic 252. I remember discovering the station in the early nineties, and once discovered, listened every day, practically all day !! I loved the format, it reminded me of the good old days when Lazer 558 was on the air. Lee Adam Donaldson.

The first time I listened to Atlantic 252 was when I about 10. I grew up listening to Atlantic. still can't believe it's not there to listen to. The one thing that i'll always remember about Atlanic is the presenters. they made the station what it was. Silly as it sounds, i really miss them. My fave presenter, if i really had to choose one would be Katherine Orman, she could always make me laugh no matter how down i felt. I also loved the music that Atlantic played, i have no dought that if it wasn't for atlantic, i would be listening to very a very diffrent kind of music to what iam now. I have manged to find some of the old Atlantic presenters on other stations, though. Dave James works at Radio Aire, he also has a show on Passion radio, Simon hardwick also has his own show on Passion radio. David dunne works for Hed Kandi and Produces the Hed Kandi show on Galaxy FM and lottie's done really well for herself has well. I know this isn't a story, but i feel like no other sation will ever come near to Atlantic 252, not in a million years. RIP Atlantic 252, i'll never forget you.

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