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Mylo aka Myles MacInnes released his critically acclaimed album "Destroy Rock and Roll" in 2004 - his unique production style owes a lot to the longwave giant as he explains:

"Growing up as a music obsessed child in the Isle of Skye in the eighties, reception for Radio One was extremely patchy and came and went with the tide, for reasons I don't pretend to understand.

"However, for reasons I do actually faintly remember from my Standard Grade Physics, reception on Long Wave was rock-solid, so Atlantic 252 was a lifeline to us. Along with my sister's Toto tapes, it kick-started my on-again-off-again lifetime obsession with Soft Rock.

"We used to take the whole thing literally, and thought it was transmitted from somewhere far out in the Atlantic proper - Rockall, or a Tanker. All of which added to the allure no doubt..."

‘Destroy Rock & Roll’ album has now sold over 190,000 albums in the UK. Mylo's official website is at



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